world was new, inhabited by Elves, Dwarves and Humans. Elves lived high in the mountains close to the sky, Dwarves under the ground in the deep earth and Humans on the plains.

Then one day Dragons appeared from the sky seeking a new world to look after and nurture, they took the world under their wing and made it into a new one. Thus the 1st Age begun.

After a while Gnomes appeared living with Dwarves, Halflings with Humans. Elves became allies with Dragons sharing their desire for balance.

Technology appeared soon after and with it came a new race, Saurians. They believed themselves descendent from Dragons and very familiar with Technology. Soon they became the dominant species and ruled over the world with the superior intellect and knowledge.

The other races banded together to fight the Saurians and thus the First War began. In response to this uprising, Saurians created Greenskins, creatures made from Magic and Technology fused together. For a while the Greenskins fought by their masters’s side until they too rebelled and fought for their independance. They however did not join the other races rather when they aceheived their independence fled to lands unknown to find themselves.

After the Saurians defeat, they were a shattered people, broken of spirit. They succumbed to the will of the other races and realised the errors of their ways. A new peace was amongst the land, thus the 2nd Age began.

Now that magic and technology was flourishing and peace was found, Green-skins came back into the world, their dislike of technology quite noticeable and magic as well. They found solace in the land itself tending its needs

Rebel dragon sees Green-skins and zealot elves coming together to remove tech from the world, sees it as a blight that must be destroyed.

Second great war begins and Dragons HAVE to intervene and remaining elves know what has to be done, Rebel Dragon is killed and zealot elves are killed as well. Dragons come together and realise that they are too powerful for the world and decide to leave, but some secretly stay behind.

Now at the start of the 3rd age, everyone is trying to find their feet, restore peace and balance. Saurians and Green-skins are held with distrust. Elves have mostly retreated from the world, mourning the loss of Dragons and the healing from the Civil War. Ruins from Ages past scatter the land and much is shrouded in mystery


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